Frequently Asked Questions

Last update: June 1, 2019

1) What is Typi Messenger?

Typi Messenger is a mobile app that allows you to exchange text messages, photos, video and audio files with your friends and family, and see their live statuses.

2) How Typi Messenger differs from other similar apps?

Currently, we are distinguished by the functions of visual communication and live statuses. Soon, we are planning to implement similar interesting new features.

3) What is the visual communication feature?

This function will let you know if your contact is in the same chat room with you by displaying the contact’s face with lines. This way, your communication becomes more real.

4) What are the live statuses?

Live statuses are over 16 animated statuses showing the activity of your friends without being linked to geolocation. For example, you can see if your contact is walking 🚶, running 🏃, driving 🚙, eating 🍝, sleeping 🛏, etc. We make the question «What are you doing?» unnecessary.

5) How to turn on/turn off the live statuses feature?

Live statuses feature is enabled automatically for Android users.

iOS users need to give permission to «Motion and Fitness» function during the registration. If you didn’t initially give permission to it, you need to press the binoculars button in the «Contacts» section. After that, a settings window will appear where you can set ON the «Motion and Fitness» function for Typi.

In case if you don’t want to show your live status to others, just press the binoculars button, and the feature will be deactivated after 15 minutes.  

6) Where can I see my contacts' live statuses?

If your contacts have registered in Typi (also if their live statuses function is activated) then you can see their statuses in the «Contacts» section or in the chat window.

7) Where can I see my live statuses and how to change them?

You can see your own live statuses in the «Profile» section. Your live statuses are detected automatically, you can’t set them manually. 

8) I don’t see contacts from my phone book, why?

Apparently, you didn’t give access to your phone book contacts during the registration. You can do so by clicking on the «Settings» button in the «Contacts» section.

9) How can I invite my friends to Typi?

In the «Contacts» section you will see an «Invite» button next to a contact from your phone book. After clicking this button, a window will appear with other communication channels through which you can send an invitation. Alternatively, you can send them a direct link to download our app

10) How can I see where are my contacts now?

Typi does not show where your contacts are located since we do not request access to geolocation. We show only what your contacts are doing at the moment with a 70% -75% probability.

11) Why is my live status displayed incorrectly, for example, it shows that I am sitting, but in fact, I am standing?

Typi calculates the statuses based on the phone's sensors with machine learning algorithms, and unfortunately, it cannot display the correct status immediately, it takes on average of 3-10 seconds. It is impossible to determine the status for 100% (besides, this is not ethical), on average, the accuracy of calculations is 70% -75%.

12) How can I delete my account?

You can delete the app, and the account will be deactivated within a year.